Attorney Ben Crump demands body camera footage

September 1, 2019
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September 1, 2019 Iam360Wise

March on Galveston by September 15th ? This won’t be swept under the rug……
September 15,2019 ?Remember That Date ?
If they have nothing to hide, they should just release the body cam video, right?
Attorneys for a Galveston man who was clipped to a rope line and led by two mounted police officers demanded Monday that the city release body camera footage of the incident within 30 days, threatening legal action and a civil rights march if the request is not honored.

The arrest of Donald Neely, 43, received national attention when he was photographed handcuffed and led down several blocks by two mounted Galveston police officers, Patrick Brosch and Amanda Smith.

At a news conference Thursday, Ben Crump, a nationally known civil rights attorney who is representing the Neely family in a potential civil case, said he would pursue “every possible remedy” to get justice for Neely.

“Until you release that video from that body cam, we’re not going anywhere,” Crump said. “And in fact, if you don’t release it within 30 days, we’re gonna invite other mental health advocates, we’re gonna invite other human rights advocates and have a great march on Galveston and we’re gonna march the same streets that you dragged Donald Neely down by rope.”

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