Detectives told to have uniforms, gas masks, helmets and other gear ready.

September 2, 2019
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September 2, 2019 Iam360Wise

In two separate memos, officers were told they will not be granted time off from the start of the trial through at least Oct. 7.

Detectives were also told to have their uniforms, gas masks, helmets and other gear ready.

Terrance Hopkins, president of the Black Police Association of Greater Dallas, said the practice is common when there is high demand for officers.

“The move is to make sure the city has enough resources to protect it,” Hopkins said.

Officers already scheduled off during that period will still be allowed to take the time off, Hopkins said.

Dallas Media Obsessing Over Getting Amber Guyger A ‘Fair’ Murder Trial Instead Of Justice For #bothamjean ? • News outlets around Dallas have been steadily asking whether defendant Amber Guyger, a white woman, can get a fair trial for what has been described as the execution of Botham Shem Jean, who was just 26 years old. But the answer to that question has centered on another query: How do you define “fair”? •Which is exactly why WE must continue all efforts to control the narrative and all efforts to control and operate our own media platforms to eliminate suppressed content!!! ? The #Dallas District Attorney’s Office objected the moving of the trial away from the city!! Now the question is about whether Jean can get justice in death … Not if a Killer Cop ?‍♀️ can get a fair trial for cold clear homicide!! #blacklivesmatter
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